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SCITECH Call for Papers 2017 The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

To be considered for one of the student paper awards within the Aerospace Design and Structures Group, students must submit their abstract to one of the following areas:

Adaptive Structures
Aerodynamic Measurement Technology
Aerospace Education
Aircraft Design
Applied Aerodynamics
Atmospheric Flight Mechanics
Communications Systems
Computer Systems
Design Engineering
Digital Avionics
Fluid Dynamics
Gas Turbine Engines
Green Engineering  
Ground Testing
Guidance, Navigation and Control
High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion
Information and Command and Control Systems
Inlets, Nozzles, and Propulsion Systems Integration
Intelligent Systems
Meshing, Visualization and Computational Environments
Modeling and Simulation Technologies
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Non-Deterministic Approaches
Plasmadynamics and Lasers
Propellants and Combustion
Sensor Systems and Information Fusion
Small Satellites
Society and Aerospace Technology
Space Exploration
Space Flight Mechanics
Space Operations and Support
Spacecraft Structures
Structural Dynamics
Systems Engineering
Terrestrial Energy
Unique and Transformational Flight Systems
Unmanned Systems
Wind Energy

For more information about the topics listed above, visit:

Student papers should report on work primarily conducted by students in collaboration with their faculty advisors; therefore, all primary/presenting authors of papers submitted for consideration in the Student Paper Competition must be students at the time of abstract submission. Up to two non-student co-authors are allowed. Student paper awards include the Jefferson Goblet Student Paper Award, the American Society for Composites Student Paper Award, the Southwest Research Institute Student Paper Award in Non-Deterministic Approaches, the Harry H. and Lois G. Hilton Student Paper Award in Structures, and the Lockheed Martin Student Paper Award in Structures.

Dates to Remember

  • Abstract Deadline: 12 Jun 2017
  • Manuscript Deadline: 05 Dec 2017
  • Early Bird Reg Deadline: 18 Dec 2017
  • Cancellation Deadline: 25 Dec 2017





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