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InAES 2017 – The 7th International Annual Engineering Seminar

InAES 2017 is organized into 10 symposiums covering all relevant technical areas within the conference scope, but not limited to:

International Symposium on Architecture and Urban Planning

1. Architecture Design Studies,
2. Building Technology Studies,
3. History, Theory, And Critics of Architecture and Conservation,
4. Housing and Urban Design and Planning,
5. Environment Behaviour Studies,
6. Rural and Regional Planning Studies.

International Symposium on Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering

Chemical Engineering, Separation Process, Reaction Engineering, Product Engineering and Chemical Process, Waste Treatment and Pollution Control, Mineral Processing, Chemical Engineering Education

Selected papers will be published at Asean Journal of Chemical Engineering ( that is indexed by SCOPUS

International Symposium on Civil and Environmental Engineering

Water Resources Engineering, Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Disaster Mitigation, Green Infrastructure, Water Quality and Management, Wastewater Treatment and Management, Climate Change Model, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.

Selected papers will be published at Journal of the Civil Engineering Forum ( that is under process to be indexed by Directory of Open Access Journals, and possible indexation by SCOPUS

International Symposium on Electronics, Control, Computer, and Information and Communication Technology

Green Design for VLSI and Micro Electronic Circuits, Embedded Systems and SoC design, Power Electronics, RF Devices and Circuits. Computer-Aided – Electronics Design and Technology, Device Material and Manufacturing Technology, Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits, Biomedical Electronics, Control Theory and Applications, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Intelligent Control, Robust and Nonlinear Control, Adaptive Control, Industrial Automation and Control Systems Technology, Control of Infinite Dimensional Systems, Geometric Control Theory and Applications, Heterogeneous Networks, Multimedia Communications, Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, Network Security, Cognitive Radio, Cooperative Communications, Radio Resource Management and Optimization, Vehicular Communication Systems, Satellite Communications, Antennas, Propagation and Channel Modeling, Signal Processing for Communications, Spread Spectrum Systems, Ultra Wide Band Technology, Information Theory and Coding Systems, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications, Mobile Computing, Energy-aware Distributed System, Intelligent Information Systems, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Artificial Intelligent, Decision Support Systems, Visualization and Computer Graphic, Signal and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Multimedia Applications and Technologies, Soft Computing Methods, Information System Security, e-Government, Creating Green Awareness using IT, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Applications, Internet of Things.

Accepted and presented papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

ieee xplore

International Symposium on Remote Sensing and Geomatics Engineering

Photogrammetry, GIS and Remote Sensing Application, Geodesy, Land administration, Boundary delimitations, Hydrography, Cadastral surveys, Construction surveys, UAV and USV, Disaster Mitigation and Management, GNSS application, Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Hidrography, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Cartography, Standard in Geospatial Information, Surveying profession.

Selected papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

ieee xplore

International Symposium on Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Acoustic and Noise Control, Applied Mechanic, Automotive Engineering, Machining and Machine Design, Computational Mechanic, Mechanical Design, Dynamic and Vibration, Tribology, Bio Mechanic, Manufacturing and Production Process, CAD CAM, Manufacturing System and Simulation, Robotic, Aerospace, Internal Combustion Engine, Energy Conversion, Manufacture, Automation, Engineering Materials and Structures, Mechanics of Materials, Failure Mechanics, Product Design, Solid Mechanic,  Sustainable Development and Environment Protection, Human Factor Engineering, Safety, Security and Risk Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Big Data and Analytic, Decision Analysis and Method, Operation Research, Intelligent System, Health Care System and Management, Reliability and Maintenance Engineering, System Modeling and Simulation, Technology Strategy and Management, New Product Development, Process Innovation and Development, Managing IT and E-Commerce, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Property Right and Patent Management, Human Capital for Innovation, System Design and Engineering, Six Sigma and Quality Management, Service Innovation and Management.

Selected papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

ieee xplore

International Symposium on Geoscience, Mining, and Petroleum Engineering

Applied Geology, Energy Resources, Mineral Resources, Geo-Disaster Mitigation

International Symposium on Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Nuclear Engineering & Technology, New and Renewable Energy, Energy Management and Services, EnergyPolicy, Smart and Green Building,  Sensor, Instrumentation & Control, Acoustics, Optics.

Selected papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

ieee xplore

International Symposium on Power and Energy

Future Integrated Electric Power System, Smart Grids: Existing & Emerging Technologies, Power Electronics, HVDC, FACTS, Renewable Energy: Generation and Integration, Energy Storage, Microgrids and Remote Communities, Energy Conservation and Efficiency, Electricity Markets and Business Models, Integrated Energy System Planning, Computational Methods and Reliability, Government Initiatives, Policies and Smart Grids, etc.

Accepted and presented papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

Contact Person : +62 818 0400 5544 (Dimas)
Website :
Conference Date : Tuesday, 01 August 2017 – Wednesday, 02 August 2017



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