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IESC 2017

The registration for International Engineering Student Conference 2017 has officially opened!

Entering our second year, IESC 2017 aims to create a platform for sharing of ideas and discussions. This year, we are again looking for ideas and innovations with the theme of “Innovations in Achieving Sustainable Development”.
Through this theme, we aim to achieve a concrete discussion, where the ideas will be published in Universitas Indonesia’s Proceedings.
Online registration period: 19th June – 20th July 2017


Your registration can be done on

Be a part of the revolutionary and remarkable discussion by submit your paper and have a chance in winning the prizes!

For further information, you can download the guidebook through our official website:
Line OA: @lbf4558c
Instagram: @iesc_ftui
Contact person:
•Ansel (+6281296465083)
•Pandu (+6281381430241)


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